You want to move forward, but you're stuck. Paralyzed is more like it. You know what you want to accomplish in the end, but your end goal is big, lofty, vague and seems far away. I want to be rich. I want to travel more. God, if I could just quit my job... Man, I would love working more if I worked with kids every day instead of doing what I'm doing now...

I was there, and I promise you, many people are there now, with you. Sitting at their desk wondering when they can just get the hell out and on with their lives - you know - the part that they want to LIVE. Because doing something you hate isn't living at all. I used to have jobs that I didn't enjoy - that I never felt excited or super passionate about. In fact, I always felt stressed, anxious, like something just wasn't right at best... depressed, lonely, angry, unmotivated, and resentful, on the worst days. 

I'll let you in on a secret: you need to think about what you can do RIGHT NOW, and go DO IT. This is one of the best pieces of advice I have ever gotten, from my own Success Coach, in fact! "Do something today that will move you forward, Allison. Anything." she said. And you know what? She was damn right. 

I want you to have the same things that I do: I want you to reach that goal at the end of the tunnel, whatever it may be. So my question for you: what can you do that will help you move forward? What small step can you take today to get going? Maybe you want to get a promotion; what can you do at work, right now, that will move you one step forward? Say you are underemployed, not making what you're worth: what can you do right now that will move you forward toward getting a raise, finding a new job, finding a new career that you'll enjoy more? Is it reading a book to help you be more confident? Is it starting a blog that showcases your passions? Is it simply looking up a blog or website that includes information that interests you? Maybe you sign up for a course that might help you build skills relevant to the new career or promotion? 

No matter what, even if you're not sure what impact it will have in the end: I promise you that doing something is better than nothing. Get unstuck. Create momentum. Create confidence. Inspire others. Inspire yourself. Just do one thing.

Right now. 


Write back and tell me what 1 thing you did today. 

May The Force Be With You,


Source:  C2C Blog

Source: C2C Blog