We have welcomed so many great opportunities and experiences into our lives over the past month that I felt it was super important to express how thankful I am. Now, I'm usually a little bit quirky, but I felt that today was a day to let the true serious, sincere side out for a minute. I'm thankful for the wonderful women I work with, thankful for my wonderful family for their support and hard work, thankful for my mentor and coach (we all have one, and if you don't, you should get one!) I'm thankful that I live in such a beautiful place and that we'll be traveling to stay with family again this month. I'm thankful that my son will grow up knowing his grandparents. I'm thankful that we have wonderful friends. 

I'm so very grateful that I'm able to do what I love, and work from wherever I want to, and that I am blessed with the opportunity to meet so many amazing people full of potential and drive. The women I work with come to me when they're stuck, sometimes desperate, sometimes sad, often afraid. Just the act of saying "I choose myself. I do this for myself. I choose to move forward and try something new." THAT is so inspirational to me! You all inspire me every day, in so many ways, by your dedication to yourselves, your families, your happiness, your success. Bravo YOU!

What are you most grateful for today? How will you express your gratitude?