It has been a busy, beautiful few months in our household! My husband landed his dream job and I've been working with some wonderful people at Adventure Knocks! It's important to celebrate successes, big and small! We are filled with so much gratitude.

Remember me mentioning that one of my summer goals... okay more like #lifegoals, was to travel more? Well, it's all happening!

In the past two months, we've visited family in Chicago, we've spent a few glorious weekends in the mountains, and we also took a staycation in Denver and will be back in Chicago again soon. And, our flights to Italy this Fall are BOOKED!

Hiking in Breckenridge over 4th of July weekend.

Hiking in Breckenridge over 4th of July weekend.

While this may not sound super exciting to some, to us, it was awesome. This has been us listening to our desires and making it happen.

Do we have to financially plan for things? Yes. We do. We rent our home out on AirBnb to cover some of our costs, and it actually makes us get out of town and keeps us from falling back into the last-minute Saturday morning "What were we going to do today...?" rut. Having some balance between work and play is key to our happiness, so we made it happen!

We love visiting different places, spending time with people we miss, and showing our little guy new things. As adults, it can get easy to just stay where it's safe, where everything is exactly the same every day, where you know every one. But my husband and I know that we want to grow as people, and so we've decided to explore more.

And, not to mention, travel is good for your resume and your career growth!

As adults, we can sometimes lose our sense of wonder, too. Exploring a new place, or even seeing an old place through the eyes of a child, can open your eyes. No matter where we are, Finn is into everything: little blades of grass, the cat's whiskers, the pattern on a blanket, carpeting, rocks on the ground, a river running through the mountain, the way water pours from this cup into that silver, metal bucket. I swear I heard him say, "Ooooohhh, shiny!"

It made me think; when was the last time I really indulged my curiosity? When did I last sit and look at the world around me without being stuck in my own thoughts? Even in my time off, I don't do much of this, but I have been more and more! (Babies keep you bizay.)

So I want you to ask yourself: when was the last time I was truly curious about something? When was the last time I went outside and really watched and listened and let myself be filled with wonder? What can I do to explore more (at home or away)? What can I do to celebrate the little things and keep myself moving forward in my life and career today?