The best part about being an entrepreneur is what we can create and the connections we can make - that we can make money from doing what we LOVE.

I LOVED the movie Now + Then. Yes, with Thora Birch and Christina Ricci. These girls had so many adventures together, so many ups and downs, wins and loses, and they came out together.  #90skids




Being an entrepreneur is an adventure - the BEST kind of adventure in my opinion. 


I know that I will grow and find more success when I'm surrounded by people who inspire me, challenge me, and empower me on this ride.

Because I need that support and connection while I'm on this adventure we call being a badass CEO.

So my question to you is... 

Why are you still going it alone? 

Being an entrepreneur doesn't mean you have to go it alone. And actually, you shouldn't.

Here are 20 fabulous reasons joining a mastermind (a group of tight-knit entrepreneurs who want to make a big impact - like YOU) can help you create that thriving online business without working yourself to death.

1. You are not an expert in everything. And you never will be. Shocked? No. Would you even WANT that? Would you want to continue doing everything forever? I know I don't. If you have mastermind partners, collaborators, amigos who get your business and what your dreams are... there are fantastic people there to help you see your blindspots and fill the gaps in your knowledge. Essential, no?

2. You already struggle with overwhelm and decision fatigue, and Mastermind partners - women who KNOW this about you - can be there to help you make decisions faster, to remind you of your goals, to help you FOCUS.

3. You need help with FOCUS AND EXECUTION. They're here to help you stay accountable. This is crucial when you have so. many. ideas... and lack the attention span or strategic knowledge to execute all of it. They'll help you do that. 

4. Bust through your bullshit and excuses. They'll call you OUT when you aren't taking action, when you're making excuses, when you're bullshitting yourself, when you're sitting in your bad patterns and sabotaging yourself... again. Which means that instead of staying stuck, you'll move forward. 

5. They'll help you clarify why you feel "stuck" and what you need to do to move forward. The other day, that's how I felt, and my partner, Olivia said, "You don't seem excited. What's up?" Well, that's not a direct quote, but it was pretty much like that.

Olivia helped me find the courage to clarify and discuss the fact that really, I wasn't excited because that morning I was discouraged about hitting my goal. Plus, we're looking for new nannies and that had me stressed about my time and energy as well. However, I was given the opportunity to process this feeling, and have the space to create the plan of action in order to BUST OUT OF THAT RUT.

Her calling me out and giving me the space to process my underlying fears actually catapulted me FORWARD. See? You need a Mastermind. You need support and sisterhood with women who are high-achieving, driven, purpose-filled entrepreneurs, too. #sisters4life

6. They KNOW YOU. Like, for reals. Especially in a long-term Mastermind (like this one), you'll know each other's quirks, personal challenges, fears, and personal blocks. These people will be able to help you break out of those fears and limitations, and they'll see you from another perspective so that you can lift out of that crap and move forward ANYWAY.

7. Your entrepreneurial friends NEED YOU, too. It's fantastic to feel needed, isn't it? We can grow SO MUCH by supporting others, by giving instead of always taking. These ladies will want your shoulder, your ear, your perspective, your friendship at times. That is important shit in this isolating, lonely world of online entrepreneurialism. No?

8. You'll GROW and STRETCH because of your new Business Besties... if you show up fully in that moment like you're meant to be there. If you're open to stretching then.

These women will push you past your comfort zone, for sure, because they believe in you, and they see what you're capable of. They see WHO you really are and what lies on the other side of your box. And they'll make sure you get there, just as surely as you'll make sure they do the same.

9. Let's be honest: you need people who GET YOU. Your mom doesn't understand "The Facebook". Your BFF doesn't understand why you want to move up in the world. Your boyfriend doesn't understand what is required for you to sign on clients (aka, being on Facebook, Periscope, and loads of free phone calls). 

But the women in your Mastermind? They'll GET IT. They'll understand what you dream about creating and why it matters to you to build this thriving business in a way that feels fantastic. 

And better yet, they'll help you find ways to build your thriving business and push to a new level because they want that for you, as much as you want that for them.

P.S. Looking for a Mastermind experience AND 1:1 business mentorship? Ready to be IN IT for the long-haul? Ready to join your peeps for over 6 months of support, strategy, expert guidance, and business acceleration? Ready to build some serious freaking momentum with accountability and support? 

Check out The Adventurous Ones Mastermind and let's talk to see if it's a good fit for you. I'd love to hear about your dreams, your challenges, your business and your life vision. BOOK A FREE CALL NOW.

10. They'll help you keep your cup full. No one thrives in a place of burnout. No one. These women will help you be the woman you want and need to be - one who loves herself, takes care of herself, and sees herself as valuable and worthy... because that's how they see you, too. And you'll be there to mutually support each other in the LIVES you're creating, too... 

11. When you're working too much, they'll send you things like this to remind you to TREAT YO SELF... because burnout? It helps no one. 

Image from  HERE.

Image from HERE.

12. When you've had A DAY, they'll sit on Skype with you for Wine-O-Clock.

13. When you're celebrating a win, they'll have a glass of champagne with you again.

14. When you are feeling the lack of motivation and the "nothing is WORKING" feeling... they'll help you snap out of that crap and move forward despite it.

15. They'll see you as unlimited in your ability and potential even when you don't. Because you ARE.

16. They'll collaborate with you! When you need someone to look at your sales page copy, or when you're having webinarjam probs (seriously, WebinarJAMMED), they'll help you with that. Cause they've BEEN THERE.

17. Speaking of which... you'll hone YOUR skills in your genius zones, too. Because those ladies will ask for YOU to help them in the areas you excel in. You'll just get better and better FASTER because of the opportunity to practice. 

Bonus? You'll help them create results, which will make you feel OH SO GOOOOOOOD. #womenempoweringwomen

18. They'll be there to help you get clear on your business model shifts. You want to make more impact, right? No one feels that more than those ladies. So you can talk about it TOGETHER. #worlddomination

19. They'll help you set boundaries when you need them. Cut the crap you don't need in your life, and be clear about what you want... well, that's all easier when you have women who get it around you for support.

20. They'll talk with you about your kids, your boyfriend, your dog who just threw up on the rug during your live webinar. Yes, this stuff happens. And yes, it's way easier to get through when you don't feel so alone. #wineoclockskypesessions

I'd love to know... Do YOU have Business Besties? A Mastermind Group?

If not, check this one out. We're accepting applications now for no more than 10 lovely women.