I have been a mentor to people with HIGH 6-figure and even million-dollar businesses.

There is NOTHING different or better about them.

They are people who have simply mastered one thing:






This is about the mind, the body, and the SOUL.


1. These individuals see the bigger picture and they often feel connected to a higher power, something bigger than them.

This drives their work, and it drives their results because it enters their consciousness and allows them to open themselves up to immense shifts, co-creation, and limitless possibilities, but to also KNOW where to act and where to leave it.


2. They aren't making excuses.... 99% of the time ;)

When they do, they see them and change their thinking and beliefs quickly.


3. They aren't putting themselves on the back-burner when it comes to their businesses. 

12 Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs Who Love Life {These May Surprise You!}

Because they know that following your passion and balancing it with heart and harmony, balancing work with play by making your PLAY into your PROSPERITY...

That is where the good stuff is.

They see burnout coming a mile away because they are deeply immersed in their presence and personal power. Love never comes from being in the scarce or lacking energy.

Love is ABUNDANCE energy. Self Love allows you to receive with ease, and act with personal authority and flow. 

Play = Prosperity.

Self care = sustainable receiving and creating.



4. They may have little bit more work to do in the self love department, but in different ways than others.

And they don't dismiss those feelings of wanting to rest, to receive more, to have fun, to enjoy life.

In fact, that drives much of what they do, and allows them to create businesses based on LOVE for what they create.

Their businesses are extensions of themselves; they don't mean anything about them.


5. They aren't going to move themselves further away from their calling.

They move as close as fucking possible until they are RIGHT ON TOP OF IT.


6. Their ability to Adapt - to business developments, to new opportunities, to life circumstances, to love changes.... is INCREDIBLE.

They jump in, they shift, they move, they don't make a fuss about it. They just see it, and decide.

Which brings me here....


7. THEY DECIDE, because they Know this:

Indecision IS a decision.

They don't allow themselves the energy drain of being indecisive, at least not for long. They Know it hampers results, and they say No or Yes quickly because they KNOW.

That is why many of them have coaches, mentors, close trusted friends they speak with too - to help them move through decision making by reflecting back to them rather than trying to make the decision FOR THEM.


8. Because they decide quickly based on trust and intuition, they implement quickly.

Their hesitation is less about not knowing, and more about their gut or intuition telling them to hold off, to wait for something to unfold even if they can't put their finger on it. They know when to say.... the timing isn't right, or nope, not at all.

THEY TRUST. They KNOW what to do, and when to do it, because they TRUST their intuition or gut instinct.


9. They have MULTIPLE streams of income, and many of those streams tie into their businesses but are NOT reliant on them, or their existing main business, to thrive....

allowing them more time, security, and energy to do what they want without putting pressure on them to invest more time, money or energy into any one thing.

They diversify their income.

They diversify their sources of receiving.

They allow themselves to be supported by many business models and ideas... and many of those sources and ideas don't cost them more time or energy in the long run.

THIS allows for more FREEDOM and IMPACT in the areas they want to have it most;

with their relationships, their experiences, their adventures in LIFE itself.

There are many ways to welcome more income and impact that don't require a ton of time or energy investment, like...

Joining an MLM that aligns with you, your values, your needs and wants, with a team that you LOVE. I joined two this past year, and I'm LOVING playing with the products personally, and they are so not full of pressure nor are the products icky - they weave into my business seamlessly.

Using affiliate links for products you love and want to recommend.

Creating your own courses or products and using affiliates to share them and sell them organically or during drive periods.

Allowing yourself to open to new income streams is just the same as saying "I love myself so much, I don't care where the resources come from; I care that I love everyday of inviting these experiences into my life."

How's THAT for sustainable living and expansive thinking?!


10. AND because they trust themselves, they are not going to allow other people to tell them who they are, what they get to do in the world, or whether or not they're "good enough".


Now, they may trust coaches or consultants, team members, friends, masterminds, or mentors...


These men and women do NOT hand away their decision making power to feelings of not being good enough or fears of getting it wrong or being invalidated.


They assess, listen, respect others, and then GO WITH THEIR OWN INSTINCT.

Even if it doesn't always work, they still trust themselves because they understand....


FAILURE is never really a "failure":

It's an opportunity to love yourself, learn, and move forward.


11. They pay attention to their Beliefs, Thoughts and Emotions and know that their actions come FROM those things.

They address their minds, emotions, and spiritual needs first, knowing that the downloading of ideas, creative energy,


12. They are magnets, and you are too... but they have accepted their magnetic energy whereas many others haven't.

Because they are in an energy of ALLOWING and SURRENDERING, and ACCEPTING - they ATTRACT.

Connections. Lovers. Ideas. Money. People. Colleagues. Books. Opportunities. Sponsorships. Friends. Fortune. Puppies. Parties. Creative Flow....

It just happens.

It flows.


From their own Trust, they are able to lean back, receive, download the next best move or idea or solution that feels incredible...

And then ACT precisely from there.

This is the hustle less - LOVE more energy.


This is what we are talking about ALLLL next week in the Soul Sessions on The Real Deal About Receiving in my free facebook group.