Please FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW and Apply to be a BETA Tester for FREE for the upcoming CEO-Mindset Mastery Course. 

I'm looking for BETA Testers for a new course to help women entrepreneurs become the master of their CEO-style mindset and become Success Magnets without working themselves to death.

I'm looking for women entrepreneurs who want to build that magnetizing confidence, who struggle with self doubt and who would like a safe space to begin to reframe their mindset and think, feel and act like a confident, successful CEO everyday. You want to work out your own limiting beliefs and learn how to run your business and make it successful. You need help with different areas: money mindset, balancing home and business, feeling in control of your life, and feeling successful so you can effectively run your service-based business like a badass.

If you become a BETA Tester, you get...

  - Limited, but excellent! FREE coaching from me

  - Access to the entire course for FREE before anyone else

  - To provide valuable input to help shape this course

  - The opportunity to become an Affiliate for the program

Are you interested? I'm only taking a few women as BETA testers who are perfectly matched, so please fill out the form below, and Allison will be in touch if the fit is perfect.

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