don't continue feeling stuck, invisible, or overwhelmed.

You can THRIVE as a business owner and a woman who wants a fantastic life. 


You’ll be most likely to see growth and measurable results from the Change-Maker Mastermind if…

  • You’re ready to take action and create results instead of making excuses or overanalyzing EVERYTHING
  • You’re sick and tired of feeling like “nothing is working!” and finally see evidence that your audience, connections and income is growing
  • You’re ready to end the nights tossing and turning with worry over your empty bank account
  • You're ready to stop hiding and start standing out online - to feel like a leader, to feel like you’re helping people change their LIVES
  • You’re ready to finally see your income grow and your dreams of making money doing what you love become REAL
  • You’re ready to feel the exhilaration of knowing that THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING

This is NOT for you if... 

  • You can’t commit - to showing up to the calls, to learning, to leading, to showing up… to YOURSELF. I want to see you get results, to see you show up more boldly, more elegantly, and more consistently for YOUR dream.
  • You like to make excuses or blame other people or your circumstances. That will NOT fly here.
  • You like to complain. This group is here for women who want to GROW and THRIVE.
  • You don't like to challenge yourself, and you don't like to learn or be mentored. 

I believe in you, but you must believe in yourself, and show up for what you want now.


The Change-Makers Mastermind is designed so that you can create results, with personal support, strategy and community.

It's valued well over $6,200.

BUT YOU’LL GET ACCESS FOR LESS THAN $1000 if you sign up with Early Bird Pricing.


Early Bird Pricing

Pay in Full: $1,297 US

OR, 3-Month Payment Plan: Monthly Payments of $450 US

OR, 5-Month Payment Plan: Monthly Payments of $290 US


YOU can easily make your investment back and MUCH MORE by the end of this program (probably much sooner!), if you...

  • Show up 110% within the program AND in between our calls

  • Apply what you're learning

  • Ask for support when you need it, and

  • Are committed to making this happen and believe in yourself


I believe in you, but you need to show up for yourself. 

Bonuses Sprinkled With Awesome-Sauce

No matter when you sign up, you'll get these extras valued at $1,150+.

  • 90-Minute Q+A Call with a Mindset Coach, Jessica Eley, who’ll help you deal with those pesky doubts and fears so you can confidently move forward
  • Master Your Money Mindset Training + Q+A Session to squash your money worries and support your financial growth + independence for the long run!
  • Access to my Recorded Pricing Strategy Workshop Training to help you feel confident in your pricing and create an income you can more than LIVE on
  • Private Community just for you, me, and the women who join where you can get additional feedback, build momentum and create results (priceless!)
  • Welcome Packet to help you dig in deep and create clarity quickly
  • 1st Dibs on anything I offer (which most of my clients get!), and you’ll get special bonuses when you sign up or purchase my other offerings - now and forever. (priceless!)

There are only 12 membership spots in the Change-Makers Mastermind program. Grab yours quickly: they WILL be gone soon!

Are you ready to show up, and change the way you're doing things?

How much would finally creating the results you've been chasing after be worth to you?

No more wondering when your business will take off or when you're going to "make it".

No more struggling to stand out or create change.

It's time to grow your business and online presence in a way that feels really good.