Work Smarter + Earn More

As A Heart-Centered Entrepreneur

"Charge what you're worth."   "Mo' money, mo' problems."   "The rich get richer, the poor get poorer."

"They could charge that... but not ME."  "I could never make THAT much money..."  "It's wrong to make money by helping people."

You've probably heard messages and hold beliefs that prevent you from growing your wealth as a purpose-drive entrepreneur.

Listen into the free audio and learn the 3 money mantras I created in order to create more impact and income without working myself into the ground.

Plus, I'll walk you through an exercise to create your own!

Did you listen in to that?! Interesting stuff, right?!

When I started my business, I had little time, little money, and a little baby at home to love on, and I didn't WANT to end up in the ER again from exhausting myself.

I didn't think I could earn more money than in my old corporate job, without being ON all the time... which left little time or energy for parenting my son. 

So I designed my OWN strategy to thrive and create more financial freedom as a heart-centered, save-the-world entrepreneur and mama... while always being #DoneBy1.

But I had some BIG lessons to learn in the beginning, and I'm still learning more.

The thing is... you know that you don't just need mindset. And if you're already spinning your wheels and getting nowhere while still struggling to make more income...

You probably need Money Mindset support, AND Streamlined Business Strategy.

What changed things for me?

It was a combination of things.

Better business strategy, clarity, and focus for one.

(Especially with my #Doneby1 schedule and being a proud mama bear.)

The other incredibly important thing? 


Reading Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas changed the game.

It helped me permanently change my thinking from "survive mode" to "thrive mode".

Are you ready to adjust your money mindset? 

Check out Denise DT's Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, while she's running it LIVE for thousands of members, for the first time in 3 years!