Are you one of them?

I help people move through massive internal and external changes, create amazing transformations that serve them, and overcome their biggest doubts and fears.

There’s nothing I love more than speaking with people who need support moving through their own inner bullshit. Transforming your story about who you think you are and what you think you’re allowed or meant to do, is one of my specialties.

Oh and…?

I’m a pro at supporting people who are navigating through a helluva lot of change.

  • Maybe you’re having issues with some relationships,

  • you’re considering leaving your marriage,

  • you keep comparing yourself to other parents and wonder if you’re doing this right.

  • Maybe you have a business that’s feeling stagnant (been there!), and you’re ready to break through and create some amazing new offerings from purpose and service (not just monetary gain)… but you don’t know how.

  • Maybe you’ve got a bigger idea you want to bring to life but some pieces are missing, orrr

  • you’re terrified of actually putting it all into action because it is WAY out side of your usual comfort zone.

  • Or something deeper, like healing from a lot of stuff in the past that you want to desperately CHANGE, so you can live a full and amazing life with more ease and less stress.

  • Maybe you’ve got personal stuff messing with your head, your heart and your career, but you’re too afraid to talk to anyone you know about it.

  • Or maybe you’re just struggling with some massive spiritual shit. (I’m literally a paid psychic, intuitive coach, channel… call me what you want, but trust me: I KNOW what you’re going through.)

Maybe what you’re going through can’t really be put into words…

It’s like something’s missing, or changing, or shifting. You just feel lackluster, stuck and ready for more, but not sure WHAT ELSE THERE IS FOR YOU.

And you need someone to hold space for you, talk to you, and help you sort it all out.. and then actually MAKE THE CHANGES without losing your mind, your friends, your family, your income or your sanity.

Guess what?


See people get stuck because they are having a massive internal shift. It’s like your soul is screaming “PLEASE LEAP BEFORE YOU FEEL COMPLETELY LOST!”

But you’re hesitant. It’s hard to change things when you KNOW it’s right, and sometimes, that voice inside of you will grow so loud that you literally begin to POP.

Let me help you navigate the inner transformation that will absolutely catalyze external changes.

You were never meant to sit there quietly and wait for someone to save you, fix you, or stuff you down when you’re meant to shine.

You’re meant to create change in the world… which you know because you probably do it already in a way, without even trying.

But that change is scary, and it’s happening ANYWAY.

People like you who want so much to do things that help everyone else, NEED support and deserve to have a space to go to to talk, feel, and hear what needs to happen. You need someone who sees your blindspots and won’t judge the shit out of you. And I know you love your hubby and your mom… but you need someone who can give you objective advice, and who sees the BEST AND HIGHEST of you.

So put me in your back pocket.

Book a free decision making call.

*This is NOT a free coaching call or reading.


Expansion: Piece of Cake

Expansion: Piece of Cake

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