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How to work with Allie


How to work with Allie

Life is an amazing adventure!

Are you actually living it?

You’ve already accomplished a lot, but you want more spark.

You want to feel lit up, alive, free and fulfilled.

You want to feel FLOW. Effortless Living. Adventurousness, Ease, and a lot of FUN!


But… maybe you’re already intuitive, already tuned in, already awakening spiritually and wondering… how do I know what’s what? How do I trust what I’m feeling I just KNOW? How do I trust that I’m actually doing, thinking and feeling that intuitive pulse of life… rather than listening to my imagination?

One of my favorite techniques, is to tap into your intuition

through the wisdom of your FUTURE SELF.

This isn’t about only having or doing things you want…

It’s about BECOMING who you need to BE!

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5 Steps to Stronger Intuition FREE Series

5 Steps to Stronger Intuition FREE Series

 Your Intuition Is Built In,

like a muscle.

But you have to strengthen it in order to use it accurately in everyday life.

And when you do, things get REALLY GOOD.

INTUITION is something I talk about a lot with my peeps, my friends and clients. Hell, it's what people hire me for.

But I'm finding that the education around this innate skill and how to use it to create an amazing LIFE full of love, wonder, awe, adventure and ethical, responsible use... is lacking.

I mean, we're in a bubble here in spiritual entrepreneur land, but the rest of the western world has not exactly learned about this stuff in school. I know I didn't have "How to Trust Yourself 101" when I was in school... did you?! I kind of always heard things like "oh that's women's intuition for you!" when someone in our family made a bad guess at something. Or I saw movies about psychics with crystal balls who looked high as a kite. 

This shit is NEEDED, and many many women and MEN are seeking it out.

When I work with people, they often want to know….

... What is intuition?
... How did you develop it? 
... Did you always have it?
... Do I have it?! 
... How do I know it's working?! I think mine is broken...
... Can you help me develop it?
... How do you use it in business?
... Has your intuition ever been wrong?
... What if you make a mistake? Then how do you know if it isn't right?
... What is different about the imagination part? Is that intuition too? (I get this one A LOT!)
... If I use my intuition more often, will I feel better? Will the stress go away?
... Will this help me at work? There's so much pressure to be creative, to make everyone happy, to know what everyone needs before they need it... can it help me with that?
... What if I mess it up, and I don't get it right?

And more.

Last year, I ran FOUR courses and programs geared toward women who needed support with exactly this thing: STRENGTHENING THEIR INTUITIVE ABILITIES. I also worked with many other people individually on honing their spidey senses, while living more PRESENTLY and PURPOSEFULLY. These were entrepreneurs, creatives, authors, songwriters, artists, parents, engineers, and your everyday, “normal” people who just simply want to feel that they are living life in a way that makes them FEEL ALIVE.

You likely want to understand this innate gift just as much as they did - this thing that all of us have, yet we attribute only to some "special" ultra spiritual women who must, of course, wear flowers in their hair and white flowing robes. Who are svelt yogis that barely bat an eyelash at anything that most people would stress out about…

Women who have intuition have it all figured out, never make mistakes, and always know #allofthethings. Forever. And Ever… Right?


Here's the deal: we've all got the goods.

But - not all of us learned to listen to it, or to trust ourselves in the flow of life. This causes stress, sickness, conflict, disharmony, money issues, career issues, self sabotage, and a shitload of other things like HELLO! Non-stop love life drama!

Nobody got time for that.

That needs to change.

I've seen how strengthening your intuition can HELP YOU live more FULLY.

I’ve seen how life can open up for you, how amazing the flow and the love can be, how many more experiences you get to have, and how much more warm, loving, open hearted you are, how easy your relationships can be (without being a doormat or a control freak), how much more you TRUST your life’s perfect timing, how you see everything as working out for the best, how you notice the small things again because your’e more PRESENT in every moment, how much you love the unfolding of things even though you have that sixth sense for what’s just around the river bend, how love can flow into your life, how much more playful and connected to people and yourself you feel, how creative and prosperous things can be, how easily conflict can be navigated with grace and compassion, and how easily solutions can be found before problems even arise, how the future seems to reveal itself for you and then suddenly... it occurs just as you knew it would (with more than enough SURPRISE and DELIGHT to keep you loving the journey!)....

So I want to take you on a little adventure in my free upcoming series: 

5 Steps to Stronger Intuition!
Stop stressing, doubting, sabotaging and second-guessing.
Start tuning in, tapping in, trusting, and flowing with life so you can live fully and embrace every moment.

We kick off the 1st week of May.

Join us by signing up HERE.

See you then! 
Allie Horner


Expansion: Piece of Cake


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Expansion: Piece of Cake


Learn how to activate yours!

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